December Selection

This is a great month for Monthly Delivery between new items in stock and the holidays. Gorgeous artisanal panettone (with our compliments), Gianduja chocolate, lemon balsamic glaze, semi-dry organic tomatoes, olives, saffron egg fettuccine… ingredients fit for a king. If you haven’t yet, sign up for monthly delivery — just for December is ok too!

First, as a sincere thank you to our Monthly Delivery customers, we are sending you a Classic Filippi panettone “pagetto” to enjoy with our compliments. Try it yourself, experience the wonder of artisanal panettone, and maybe come back and order one of Filippi’s creations for your Christmas Day dinner. If you need a reminder of why Filippi Panettone is so special, you can read Riccardo’s explanation.

December’s Holiday Selection


Pontevecchio Balsamic Lemon Glaze: The first thing you should do is taste it by itself. Once you have recovered, consider all the possible applications for this versatile condiment. It is ideal for fish (for your seven fishes dinner) and is also excellent to top fruit, or any appetizer or dessert that you’d like to dress up with a bright note of citrus. Pontevecchio glazes have a distinctive natural thickness due to the long cooking of the grape must – no thickeners added, of course.

Agricola Paglione “Prunill” Semi-Dry TomatoesPacked in their own 100% organic extra-virgin olive oil, these very special “Prunill” (a variety of tomato unique to Daunia, a region in Puglia) tomatoes have been semi-dried under the blazing Pugliese sun so they retain some tenderness but are packed with explosive tomato flavor. Use on your antipasti plates, on pizza, in salads, or anywhere you would use sun-dried tomatoes.

Agricola Paglione Jumbo Green Table Olives: Just in time for your holiday parties, these olives have the perfect balance of crunch, tenderness and flavor. Like all Paglione products they are 100% organic.

Antica Pasta saffron fettuccine: We couldn’t let a month go without your installment of pasta, of course. Special for the holiday season is saffron fettuccine made with the luxurious spice that is used in many Christmas confections.

Giraudi Gianduiotti Misti: Gianduja chocolate features the deeply nutty and luxuriant taste of hazelnuts.It also has a long tradition of being enjoyed over Christmas in Italy. If you’re not craving chocolate this holiday (which seems impossible), it makes a nice hostess gift too.

Filippi Classic Panettone “Paggetto”: With our compliments, from one of Italy’s finest pasticceri.

Happy Holidays,

Victoria & Riccardo