August Selection: Summer’s Bounty

August Selection: Summer’s Bounty

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It’s August so gardens and farmer’s markets are overflowing with abundant fresh produce. To put some of this fresh produce to work, we bring you artisanal pastas and organic sauce to combine with your farmer’s market vegetables. Sicilian eggplants and fig extra jam contribute their seasonal flavors. Top off everything with basil-infused extra virgin olive oil and you’re ready to enjoy Summer’s bounty!

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 In the August Selection:

Antica Pasta Spinach Fettuccine

Marcozzi Stelline

Verrigni Radiatori

Trimarchi di Villa Marchese Sicilian Eggplants

Agricola Paglione Ready-made tomato sauce with Basil

Terre di Grifonetto Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trimarchi di Villa Marchese Fig Extra Jam

Recipe: Fresh tomato soup with Stelline 
Riccardo Manieri

*Note: this very simple recipe requires 1 day advance prep time.

Marcozzi Stelline
Terre di Grifonetto Basil-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Agricola Paglione Pomodoro Pelato OR very ripe Roma tomato
Fresh garlic, 4 cloves, germ removed
1 red onion, chopped
Fresh basil
Fresh thyme, 2 sprigs

Slice tomato and put in a container with the garlic, onion, a few basil leaves and thyme. Cover and refrigerate overnight. The next day put tomato mixture in a blender and puree to make tomato sauce. In a saucepan cook the Stelline like a risotto, adding a little water at a time to the pasta as it cooks along with a pinch of salt. Cook until you have almost only the pasta with just a little liquid. Let cool. Combine with the tomato sauce made ​​earlier. Drizzle with the basil olive oil and add a basil leaf on top for garnish. Serve room temperature or slightly chilled. Enjoy!