Artisanal Orecchiette with Turnip Greens

This typical Apulian recipe for Orecchiette with Turnip Greens is our April Selection feature.

Recipe adapted from Perché Ci Credo; adapted to lightly sauté anchovies in olive oil.


250g (1/2 bag) Artisanal Orecchiette by La Fabbrica della Pasta

1 jar Turnip Tops by Perché Ci Credo

Garlic extra virgin olive oil by Terre di Grifonetto, to taste

3-4 filets artisan anchovies by L’Escala*

Grated pecorino romano cheese (optional)

Red chili pepper flakes or powder (optional)

* Follow our recipe adaptation to coat the sauce with salty brininess, ideal if you prefer a hint of mild anchovy flavor spread throughout the dish. If you do love anchovies, top your dish with these gorgeous high quality anchovies to fully appreciate their flavor.


In a saucepan, bring water to boil. Add salt, add the pasta and cook 7 minutes, or just two minutes shy of “al dente”. Lightly coat the bottom of a large shallow pan with the garlic extra virgin olive oil.

Add anchovies to pan and slowly sauté in oil over low heat until meat begins to break apart. Stir and mix creating a liquidy paste. Pour turnip tops from jar into the pan and warm, mixing thoroughly with garlic anchovy mixture.

When the pasta is about 2 minutes short of being “al dente”, drain most of the pasta water, leaving just about 1/8 inch in at the bottom of the pot. Combine the drained pasta and remaining water in the pan with the turnip greens sauce in the shallow pan. Cook on medium-high heat and mix well, allowing the sauce to thicken and finish cooking the pasta. Cook until sauce has reached a nice, creamy texture without being runny and pasta is cooked perfectly “al dente.”

If you have grated pecorino cheese or peperoncino on hand these are also delicious mixed in to the sauce and as a topping.

Plate and top with anchovy filets, grated pecorino and peperoncino, to taste.