Our Italian food suppliers are non-industrial, typically smaller, family-owned producers who have been using the same, traditional methods for centuries.

Named for Aunt, or “Zia”, Pia Custodi in Orvieto, Italy, as extraordinary a person as she was a cook, and who took great care in her selection of ingredients, Zia Pia imports aims to embody the traditional and old-world values she held dear: simplicity, care and quality of ingredients. It is with these values in mind that we set forth to make available those pure, unadulterated, and sometimes difficult to find foods to all who appreciate them here in the US.

These are the best Italian foods from exceptional suppliers. Think artisanal, durum wheat semolina pastas from Italy’s most prestigious manufacturers, authentic egg pasta from Campofilone, organic jarred tomatoes grown under the Apulian sun, organic and artisanal chocolate from Modica and Piedmont, fine extra-virgin olive oils from Umbria and Tuscany, balsamic vinegars from Modena, Sicilian pestos and spreads… and more.

We hope you enjoy this curated selection of the products we are bringing to you, all hand selected together with our Orvieto-based chef. We continue to find new products, so subscribe to our mailing list to catch the latest updates.

Zia Pia serves fine specialty and food stores, restaurants, and also welcomes individual orders. No order is too big or too small. We look forward to bringing these fine traditional foods direct to you. Thank you for your support of Artisanal Italy.

Victoria Custodi Zabel

Victoria is half-Italian and grew up with an appreciation of the pleasures of simple, authentic foods. Zia Pia imports is the result of the combination of her greatest passions and interests: authentic, quality foods (especially eating them), Italian language and culture, travel and business. She believes that we can enjoy authentic Italian foods — so different from the industrial brands that are more widely available — wherever we live, and has made this her mission. It is a way to honor the memory of her beloved Zia Pia from Orvieto, who was a continuous source of inspiration in the kitchen and in life.

Riccardo Manieri

Riccardo has a passion for excellence that influences everything he undertakes: his practiced approach to cuisine, culinary education and selection of fine foods for Zia Pia. His training includes the Gualtiero Marchesi Culinary School in Colorno, Parma from which he graduated with the highest marks. Beginning his culinary career at Michelin-starred Marco Bistarelli’s Postale restaurant, he continued on at another of Bistarelli’s restaurants, Il Gradale, where he became chef de partie. He now directs the product sourcing effort for Zia Pia, lending his sensitivity and expertise to develop our unique portfolio of fine artisanal foods, uncovering new gems that are not yet widely distributed in the US. Whenever he is this side of the Atlantic he is eagerly called upon by clients who have experienced not only his cooking but also his charming and easy presence in their kitchens, and who benefit from the free manner in which Riccardo dispenses priceless tips to enhance their own cooking. Riccardo resides in Orvieto, Umbria, where he is well-positioned to continue his culinary interests, consult and cook for private events, as well as to scour trade shows like Taste in Florence, Vinitaly in Verona, Tutto Food in Milan, Taste of Roma, 3Bicchieri in Rome, and Cheese in Brà for foods with the unique, authentic and sublime characteristics that make up the Zia Pia portfolio.